Thursday, October 04, 2007

Torygraph: "Cameron Fights to Stave Off Election"

All looking like bluff, double bluff, counter bluff and uber bluff. Has poker face Dave pulled off a coup with his feel good quackery? Or have the Labour machine been toying with him all along? Jangling his fragged nerves, wasting his puffed out war chest, keeping Gordon's own powder bone dry?

I've made no secret of preferring a June 2009 poll myself. Gordon is doing remarkably well at dealing with events. Cameron isn't going to convince anyone his party has changed by talking about "new politics" when his party faithful still cheer the same old same old "old politics"?

Balls himself pointed this out immediately afterward. Well crafted, yes. New Politics, absolutely not. Iain Dale's man of steely coilons has a bad case of false memory syndrome and not to mention that same old deja vu, again.

He clearly got his applause for retro old Tory policies - the very opposite of his attempted narrative - with the new cuddly stuff finding indifference, bemusement or even dissent from the greying hordes.

It doesn't matter when it is really. Labour will win. And yes Britain will win. My point of view is that we might as well sort out the European Parliament or reclaim half the nation's Town Halls while we're about it.

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