Thursday, October 04, 2007

Conference Security: "Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?"

Overlooked this one somehow. A guard working for the famously foolproof Group 4 Securicor including at party conferences was found to have false documents.

There is no sign whatsoever that this man is anything other than a chancer who has neglected to get some more credible iD after entering this country on a faked French passport.


1. How good or bad was this fake anyway? James Purnell good? Or even better?

2. How did he pass G4S vetting? They being famous for their good works.
3. How did he pass Conference vetting which stopped the likes of Dizzy?
4. Would he have been stopped and asked to produce documents if he had been say Swiss or Kiwi?
5. Why was he in fact discovered? Was this the glories of racial profiling?
6. What security routine would he have to go through before clocking on and off each day at a security sensitive event?

Personally I have always found the G4S people at such events to be very amiable and efficient. In particular I remember that at Brighton 2005 I realised how the £50 an hour (guess at recharge) Sussex Police and other forces assisting had no visible minorities in their ranks while the £8 an hour G4S crew drastically changed the diversity of our protectors.

Hat tip: Johnny Jailhouse.

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tonydj said...


Do you mean Johnny Foreigners?

Say what you mean Mr Paul.

Are you claiming that foreigners are being employed to undercut the Labour Party?

You'll be joining the BNP next!
If they'll have you.