Thursday, October 04, 2007

Election Timing: As an Akehurstite Brown Will Now Cease and Desist Reckless Talk of Elections

As Gordon Brown is a dyed-in-the-wool Akehurstite on most matters this will clinch his decision. 2008 or 2009 then. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along. The Tom Watson MP Poll that LOL are piggy backing continues to show feelings in the wider party "too close to call".


Anonymous said...

channel 4 poll released at 7pm narrows the gap to 4 points.
Oh dear. Brown and the Labs in deep doodoo.
It's all downhill from now on.

Anonymous said...

half a mo. Guardian poll out on Friday, but on net now, gives Labs a 1 point lead.
Brown is going down by the minute.

Anonymous said...

correction. Times poll will say they're even steven at 38%.
Labour's on its arse

Chris Paul said...

Cheers anonymous x 3.

The clever money is actually on the whole conference season being a rugged score draw as of today with the margin - let's say 4% for Labour today (as all these polls have their characteristics) - being just about as was before the conferences started (5%).

In a few days it could be back to 10% for Gordon to be honest.

I favour June 2009 for all kinds of reasons. So I will not be hugely upset either way.

We will be winning all five Manchester constituencies when the time comes. Tories will do well to be second in more than one and could yet go to fourth in a couple of them.

I think that Cameron's speech will be exposed pretty soon as an exercise in empty sophistry, where cheers went up at all the wrong places for Dave's new cuddly New Politics narrative.

And the exposure of Osborne's batty figures will also leach out to the broad population.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday ... four days can be a long time in politics.

Anonymous said...

In Labour's case, it seems a few minutes can be very long time in politics.
Alistair Darling tells Friday's FT that the UK economy will trend down next year which will include a tightening of the housing market.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. No surprise there then. Did you expect something else?

Isn't the housing market calming down - despite resistance to rent control or at least some brake on buy to let - a rather good thing?

Particularly if interest rates are reasonably stable.

June 2009. I have told you all along. Did any of you listen?

Sadly no.