Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tory Triumphalism: Enjoy it While You Can

Have not looked at any Tory Boy Blogger's output for ten hours. But I imagine there is a lot of triumphalism, that there is an assumption that the election is now off, and that visceral hatred is running riot.

Hatred of Labour's agenda of:
Fairness, equality, solidarity, rights balanced for many not the few.

But what have we actually got to back this ebullience:

1. Cameron's speech was to be on a No Notes basis; not quite true as it turned out but something that all the media have pigged out on.

2. Osborne's speech was on a No Facts basis; none of it quite true; seasonal agricultural pickers rolled into non doms; the supposed saving on stamp duty (illusory); and that three card trick with inheritance tax.

3. Other sessions too. Whether superficially OK (Gove's) or maverick (Ainsworth's) they were all fundamentally "No Policies" whether they had "No Notes" and "No Facts" or not. (For the record: Gove fluent no noter/no facter, Ainsworth bumbling noter/no facter).

Obviously Blair has done quite a few big speeches off by heart, Cameron has now done one, Brown has done it too to my certain knowledge and more so; and as some blogger said: "when I was in the school play I learned my lines".


tory boys never grow up said...

Re Point 1 - surprising that Guido hasn't challenged this since he appears to have been told what was in the sponataneous speech beforehand and even reproduced the details.

Now what was Dave's only real job in?

Chris Paul said...

Was he a TV channel's spinmeister?