Friday, October 05, 2007

Ms Widdy is 60: Iain "Scoop" Dale Missing in Medway

Yesterday I didn't spend much time on Tory blogs. But at breakfast time I clock Iain Dale's promise to give us his compelling insights "later" on his return from Ms Widdy's 60th.

Sadly there is still no sign of the young raggamuffin. Perhaps there is going to be a vacancy down there in Medway and Weald after all? (Running gag, apologies to new readers).

So, on to his other top stories. Particularly this "Exclusive". It seems old Creosotemanov is offering share holders £10,000 per share. This is a hell of a lot when the market price last month was only ... let's see ... it must be here somewhere ... Iain is a journalist you know ... oh dear, he doesn't say and I've double checked.

So the story is tantamount to meaningless. Not even the slightest bit exclusive either. Sadly the lying biased bastards proper journalists at the BBC had the story about a week ago and as the ubiquitous "Anonymous" points out six months ago the shares were already trading at £5,300.

But the first commentator was the Tory blogger and football fan "Ed" who said...

Business is business - the odiousness of the buyer is largely irrelevant.

Spoken like a true Tory. Remember this odiousness is coupled with being a big time convict sprung from his vast helpings of porridge by a renowned gangster/warlord oligarchiosi.

Wonder at what the Rostrapovitch would have thought of Creosotemanov buying up the old art collection. Though his widow clearly thinks like Ed.

Whisper-sing "who ate all the pies?" to yourself as you consider that several champion bloggers have laid down their blogs to save sinners like Ed.


tory boys never grow up said...

Perhaps the old witch has turned him into a toad (or at least finished the job)

Chris Paul said...

Bed knobs and broomsticks and all that? Except old Murder She Wrote turned her victim into a bunny rabbit as I recall from the last of perhaps 65 viewings. Mercifully five years ago now.