Monday, October 01, 2007

Dogging on the Mersey: Incident Report

This morning our merry throng went off dogging on the Mersey banks. Taking our three sight hounds for a spin. We were joined by a batty black labrador after a mile or so. Partner thought he was called "Batman" from his tag, but then again she is near word blind without reading glasses, turned out to be "Rothko". Whatever, the charmless mutt tagged along for two miles or so. Search parties were out for him and we were glad to reunite him with his pack leader.


Meanwhile the two lurchers Ottey and Hooch had a full on lurch in the "model aircraft flying field" on the Trafford side of the river. A sight to behold with Ottey paws down top dog in the sprinting, milling and lurching stakes.

Full greyhound Jim DOES NOT mill along with them though even as a failed racing dog he does have excellent short burst speed. He doesn't join in because if he does this relegates Hooch to bottom dog at running and this is not something old Hooch will accept.

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Stephen Newton said...

"Dogging on the Mersey"
Someone's looking for Google traffic and doesn't care where it comes from!