Monday, October 22, 2007

George Galloway: Running a Witch Hunt in Respect?

Apparently Tower Hamlets Respect has 489 members. Just 7% of them are also Socialist Workers Party members. About 34 of them. Yet it looks like they had almost 50% of the votes at a recent Respect EC. And apparently 57% or seven of twelve delegates to their ever-so-important National Conference too.

So SWP-ers had a third of their tiny membership in the EC and 20% dominating the Respect delegation. Fortunately Gorgeous George knows a carve up when he sees one. And like a guiding steward of democracy and enlightenment he and his handful of reactionary allies - perhaps representing a tendancy with even less adherents - are shining a light on these seedy affairs and sticking through their own slate instead!

Yes reader! I know you'll want to read more of all this amusing chicanery. Harry's Place has more of this if you can bear it.

I suppose this puts George in the place of Neil. Driving out entryists and undesirable revolutionaries to make the way for a New Order?


Miles said...

Chris you are out of date.
New Order have split.
Unless George is replacing Hooky?

Chris Paul said...

Oh do go away Miles! While it is preferable that you should not post anonymously your missing the point every single time is getting a bit wearing.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain:

George Galloway is ridding his party of a revolutionary element just as Neil Kinnock supposedly did and thereby preparing Respect for government. New Order is a reference to New Labour, not the pop band. Also has resonance with Nick Cohen's outing of Galloway as a blackshirt-a-like in The Observer.

rupahuq said...

I chose this as one of my 3 bloposts of the week when I went on Iain Dale on Monday but when I piped up wit the words "Chris Paul on Respect" ID rolled his eyes and said "he's obsessed".