Sunday, October 21, 2007

Kerron Cross: Dobbing in a Labour/Cooperative MP

For asking a question about school students learning bridge versus gambling. What's he up to? Cllr Kerron I mean. Drew is clearly barking.


Miles said...

You have been debating in recent days the similarities between bloggers and journalists.
This post demonstrates the fundamental differance.
If you are a journalist a good story is a good story.
No matter who it dobbs in.
The important thing is whether the people should be told.
And if a party loyalist like your good self doesn't want them to be told - then they definately should be!

Chris Paul said...

Er, Miles, as I'm drawing attention to the story like a good journalist I think you perhaps need to pay a little more attention to detail - another trait of the journalist - before casting aspersions.

Kerron is a blogger and works for a Labour-Co-operative MP - this very one for all I know. What was a minor story about some crazy MP linking Bridge and gambling has become a middle sized story about a blogger biting the hand that feeds.

Your job now is to turn it into a major story by discovering how Mr Drew was a teenage Bridge player who slipped into a deadly spiral of stud poker and three card brag leaving his pregnant girlfriend form the other side of the tracks with no one to support her crack habit.

And his priest obviously calling for Hail Mary's all round.

Chris Paul said...

And pre-op Kerron Cross was that teenage girlfriend ... just for a bit of added oo-er.

Kerron said...

For the record, I do not work for David Drew and have never been his girlfriend.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Kerron for clearing that up. I'm not sure it will stop Miles digging, but we'll see.