Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gerald Kaufman: Pursuing Justice for Yasmin Zalzala

Gerald Kaufman is pursuing Harriet Harman over Yasmin Zalzala Gate (various posts) in which she was dumped as Lib Dem candidate with party officers apparently deciding this on the basis of race, religion and gender.

Though these appalling Lib Dems said it was because of Yasmin's lack of collegial working. Well, yeah! Of course you will be really happy to work with unprincipled fools who are openly racist, sexist and religionist.

"Curly" is the only MP I know who pursues routine correspondence in this way. Generally the answer is that a reply has now been sent. So it works. Though it's not cheap.


Anonymous said...

"Curly" (like where on earth did you get that from) may not be cheap but he is priceless


Chris Paul said...

That is what we used to call him in the 80s - at City Life. I believe the MEN mob also knew him by this affectionate reference to his flowing locks.