Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dave-id: It's the Way You Tell 'Em Me Old China

Thank goodness Dave-id Cameron assured us early doors that he's a liberal conservative (though Wikipedia did think they spotted him reneging almost immediately), otherwise we would be very anxious indeed that he was in fact a uptight, jingoistic, disableist, homophobic, misogynist old school born-to-rule Tory Toff. Phew! Thanks to Sadie for that one, shining brightly among a cluster of bright twinklers. Mad Dorries and Toy Boy Tim! Are you sure?

UPDATE 16:11: Timbo has his boy Sam running round issuing categorical denials on the latter story. But DC's hilarious "one-legged lithuanian lesbian" arts council funding joke still stands. On its head probably.


Westmonster said...

It's been denied by all sides apparently.

According to Unity, Sam Coates of ConservativeHome's been posting comments saying it's not true.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Sadie - I'd better get that noted on the face of the blog immediately. Don't want Mad Nad or Tim's boy breathing down my neck.

But the one legged Lithuanian lezzer? That's kosher ain't it? Well ain't it?