Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nu Tories: Graphing All the Way to the Bank?

Conservative Home has an analysis (with pictures) of how Tory members are seeing things down the ages. Something like that.

Apparently SMUG is back. And utterly SMUG is the new SMUG. Excellent. Old School Policies are doing the trick. And having GOO lying like he means it are all popular with Darby, Joan, Tim and Nadine.

Meanwhile the same rank and file are 77% obsessed with Europe's perfidy.

LAUGHING GRAPHING NOTES: All images snatched from the M Saatchi waste bin at CH. And just in case you haven't noticed the 21 month crash is given the same space on the axis as the one month burn. Libdemtastic!


Diablo said...

I see the Labour Party are doing well in the ICM poll in the Guardian tomorrow.

Or is it another one that doesn't use the right methods?

Chris Paul said...

None of them use the same methodology and they aren't very inter comparable and sometimes particular polls have specially big twists one month because of their methods. Political Betting covers it all.

Meanwhile you agree:

SMUG is the new SMUG?
The more GOO lies the better?
Old Tories love Old School?