Sunday, October 14, 2007

Man in a Shed Widow: Actually Lived in Midsomer?

Happily Jennifer Chubb, erstwhile stalwart of society in Mid Somerset, seems to have landed on her feet beau-wise.

Only trouble is - rather like a rejected-as-way-too-corny plot from Midsomer Murders - the tragic spontaneous combustion widow has it seems hooked up with the quietly eccentric solicitor who drew up what was allegedly her late lamented hubby's Last Will and Testament. Ten years before the incendiary incident.

In another too corny-for-even-corny-TV twist this married gent and stalwart of the Cotley Hunt had taken a nasty knock on the head in a riding accident which left him even more erratic than he already was before it.

Sadly Mrs Chubb remissly had the remains of the shed removed by bulldozer before proper forensic examination, the person performing the autopsy was no Amanda Burton, and the "other will" favouring the deceased Judge's distraught girlfriend Kerry Sparrow has never been found.

So, as they say in Midsomer, not even John Nettles could have been expected to have tied up these loose ends.

The otherwise loathsome Daily Mail has all the cheery details of how these stalwarts of local Somerset life came to this happy pass.

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