Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Manchester Libdemologists: Losing on Own Poll

Nothing yet at Manchester Lib Dems' website on the leadership contest that is gripping the nation, not. Current score 10 opted out, one opted in, the other 50 or so consulting with their constituents.

Cllr Simon Ashley has spoken of course. He says Charles Kennedy so long as he's sober. Because, and I do paraphrase a little, "all the rest are complete rubbish".

But there is some poll news. Manchester residents are voting in favour of a passenger transport improvement plus congestion charging package. Apparently the Lib Dems are not really supporting this package unless there is a referendum. But their voters, you'd think they'd be partisan Lib Dem supporters, are telling them to GROW UP!

Still waiting for news on any referenda that Lib Dems have held when they've been in charge. But let's not let transparent humbuggery and double standards get in the way of a good bit of a Lib Dem miserablism and opportunism!

No referendum in Liverpool from Lib Dems on building a 70,000 seater stadium in the historic Grade II Listed Stanley Park.

No referendum in Bristol from Lib Dems in removing subsidy (just £100,000 per annum) from a well-loved commuter railway from Severn Beach though Clifton to Bristol Temple Meads.

No referendum in Cardiff from Lib Dems on massively expanding the Sofia Gardens Cricket Ground in the midst of Grade I and Grade II listed parkland. In fact Labour councillors have been mature enough to support the plan because on balance it is considered a good thing.

No referendum in Liverpool from Lib Dems on the choice of a Will Allsop design for the ill-fated Fourth Grace. There was a consultation though. But the Lib Dems ignored it and picked the fourth ranked of four in the public vote.

No referendum in Bristol on Lib Dem plans to BAN DOOR MATS. Yes, they really did plan to do that.

Can anyone provide any example of Lib Dem referenda in action where they have full or shared control of a City Council?

IMAGE: Thanks to Getty for a blick of just a few of the fridge magnets already available for Lib Dem leadership candidates. Lib Dem MPs can nominate as many people as they like. So they can all have a go. Why not collect the set?

UPDATE: Kerron Cross has hosted a comment saying they're only letting MPs back one candidate each. If this is true it means only about eight or nine of them will be able to stand.


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