Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alex Deane: Dale's Aussie Election Monkey

It has to be said that Iain Dale's Aussie Election Monkey is not setting the switchboards alight. Which is a shame as Alex's insights deserve attention followed by a good battering.

Today (Day 3) he promises to look at Oz Labour's tax plans (some time) and presumably compare these to Oz Tories existing arrangements (some time)? You'd hope so wouldn't you? But he doesn't provide any real content at all.

Truth is even under Oz Tories the state is pretty humungous; taxes too ... are pretty humungous; protectionism on trade ... well that's pretty humungous.

Things that are not humungous under Oz Tories are the population or growth thereof, the rate of immigration, the economy or growth thereof, and whatever the Sydney Olympics sought to suggest, the community cohesion and global consciousness of Oz.

It is clearly time for a change. It must be Howard's End? More anon perhaps.

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