Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PMQs: Stalking Horse Brady Sunk Without Trace

Ben Brogan clearly needs watching after yesterday's strange headline. Today he sticks the knife in just a tad to dear Graham "Nice-but-Dim" Brady. GB is outed as the stalking horse lined up by Thatcherites to get rid of Cameron just a few short months ago. (Incidentally Brogan does not name that horse's "trainer").

Remember? When DC was considered to be foundering? Drowning not waving.

Don't worry. "He'll Be Back" Schwarzenneger style. He's like a kid in a swimming pool pretending he can swim a length or more, without armbands.

"Look mum no notes!" But actually he's been cheating and putting his feet down quite frequently.

Gordon is normally a strong swimmer himself. With badges on his trunks for endurance and safety first. And even Mr Brogan scored today's gala as business as usual and a score draw. Brady's question sank without trace. Along with his front bench career.

Vince Cable overcame extreme nervousness to leave the shallow end and raise a deep moral question on tax breaks for married folk.

But Brown "took him for a swim" as the Water Polo folk say, describing a near drowning of an opponent, pointedly including "new investment against bullying" in a list of £16 Billion of uncosted Lib Dem proposals of the last few weeks.

TRIVIA QUIZ: Bob Marshall-Andrews was very keen indeed to be a stalking horse back in 2005 when the rest of the parliamentary party were looking to get rid of Mr Blair manage the succession without blood on the carpets.

"Trouble was" confided the stalking donkey the PLP "ingrates" actually had lined up instead "Bob actually believed he could have won". He couldn't be relied on to bow out once the deed was done. But who was that donkey?

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Anonymous said...

Heaven forbid Brady ever be put into a position where he might even have a slight chance at going near No 10!

I think, speaking as a reluctant resident of Altirncham and Sale West, that "nice but dim" is quite an understatement.

Anyone who has seen Brady torn apart in Parliament will understand my feelings, it takes more than a big horse - smile to be a competent politician!