Monday, October 08, 2007

Memory Man Dave: Outrageous Fib or No Fact Checking?

It's started. The election is off. Now the media are finally doing their job. Having simply aped the Tory spin: "Look No Notes" they've started to delve.

Memory Man's throughly rehearsed 67-minute "speech without notes" has already drawn national paper attention to one huge inaccuracy also reported with fury in Yorkshire where he says it happened.

Dave-id may have history by uttering "pissed" from the platform. But the "school kids terrorises teachers and trashes classroom" anecdote and/or its factual basis is now exposed as completely false.


- Did the boy ever say he'd been pissed, assaulted teacher and trashed a classroom?
- If yes, why did Dave-id not report this to or query this with the school?
- If no, why on earth did Dave-id pretend that the boy did say this?
- Is it a case of any dog whistle in a storm?

We can rule out a lapse in memory as, apart from knowing from Hilton, Coulson, Schapps and Spelman that Dave-id has a special power in the memory department, he is standing by his story.

Live blogging the speech we also noticed other instances of dog whistling. For example Memory Dave referred to the case of some PCSOs apparently arriving on the scene long after a boy had drowned with weasel words that made it seem he was agreeing with the hysteria in The Standard being irresponsible, and Dale's Diary and so on following suit with the idea that PCSOs had watched a child drown in front of their very eyes.

How many people tuned in to the tense of the verb on this anecdote? How many instead heard Dave-id slagging off decent, hard working PCSOs?

How many more inaccurate, completely made up, twisted beyond recognition elements will be found in the speech?

Hat Tips: Mirror Report, Tom Watson and Yorkshire Post, Ridiculous Politics.

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