Monday, October 08, 2007

Tories at Blackpool: Does Any of It Stand Up to Scrutiny?

Tory descriptions of the Labour record on tax got a 90% rating for mendacity from Channel 4 while their own unfathomably popular plans were only 60% stinking Tory fibs according to the same source.

There was the suitably stern tough love of the so-called National Citizen's Service for the youth, with at least one of Gove's accomplices actually not the Tory he was introduced as. Then there is the quality of the dog whistle anecdotes and Unity has also given Dave's family blather a good seeing to and provided a graphic.

With Cameron the Marrying Man he discovers that of "around £3 billion a year - that’s the equivalent of a penny on the basic rate of income tax - just under half will land in the pockets of couples who don’t have any child-rearing responsibilities whatsoever".

Which as Unity suggests is no big help to families as normally defined and understood.

With Cameron's Marriage Scam he notes that once again Dave's policies do not do what it says on the tin. A policy "that benefits only a quarter of married couples across the board and, of those, less than 40% actually have dependent children".

It seems to me that as all these swollen corpses of Tory policies pop to the surface of the swamp Gordon's reputation as a fair dealer will recover while Memory Man Dave is all but written off as an upper class spiv with some party tricks. Unity has done the hard graft so here's the last word:

The policy here is all smoke and mirrors ... all it actually amounts to is modest tax cut for the wealthy, and especially those with either no children or whose family has ... flown the nest.

Full Text of Memory Man Dave's End of the Pier Turn (BBC).

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