Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Action Without Theory: Industrial Relations For Dummies

Bro Miles Barter has got busy these last few days. And as he's apologised for his pissiness, accepted, I'll give him a mensch. Two in fact. Special mentions for Mental Health Talking Cures and greeting the "tanned but strained" (below, tagged sheila-compressed!) Boss From Hell back from holidays in the sun.
Several collective letters-to-papers on this Karen Reissmann dispute have crossed my desk. Whether my name ends up on one or not I hope the letters focus on turning things round for the service users above all else. For my money this dispute possibly features the most ridiculousness ... on all sides ... ever. It is the epitome of ridiculousness. Clearly LOL support any Trade Unionist sacked or disciplined for TU activity. My comrades, right or wrong. KR Dispute Blog. DUBAI DUTY FREE ADDED: Weds 9:26


Lobster Blogster said...

I liked the phrase "looked tanned but tense" as used to refer to the return of the prodigal health boss.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. That's quality "reporting" for you. No side there.

Anonymous said...

Silly old bag someone said. But that bag looks brand spanking new ...

Miles said...

Thanks for the mention.
I've updated the Karen story on my blog.
There's also a myspace page.

Stephen Newton said...

LoL is not for profit blog you say, so where does the Google ad money go? (Just joshing.)

Miles said...

You talk about ridiculousness "on all sides".
And my comrades right "or wrong".
What "wrong" and "ridiculousness" do you see on the UNISON side?

Chris Paul said...

Stephen explained that rather well on his blog I thought. Did you not read that? In a nutshell the budget is up substantially and so are the number of jobs. By 42 as I recall.

The Unions apparently signed off on the proposals. The Trust is 'demic, yes. That is why change is clearly needed. To turn it round.

So it is going through change, yes.

But is there a strategic underlying dispute here? Or what Mr Newton termed a hoax?

It is the service users and indeed the staff that are suffering. I hope the strike is over quickly with KR back in a job and SF chastened and aware of the need to take the team with her.

Clearly there is now a dispute over attempts to muzzle Trade Union activity. But what was and/or is the underlying dispute?