Monday, November 26, 2007

Caption Competition: Karim's Notta Lotta Bottle?

Dr Rupa Huq has declared this Sajjad Karim photo this a caption contest. And what Rupa says goes. Chris is the cat that got the cream as Libdemologists change their usual rules of engagement to allow only established members to vote.

Previously babes in arms have been allowed to vote, along with a walk up crowd paying on the door of a selection meeting, and in ward selections you can even vote in a ward in which you don't live. Very liberal, but not all that democratic.

Sajjad Karim apparently had a whole load of new "friends and families" members lined up. We say what's good for the goose should be good for the gander. And we say that changing the rules AFTER the new guillotine applies but BEFORE it is announced is OUTRAGEOUS, possibly even DISCRIMINATORY.

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rupahuq said...

Man on left is Karim-crackers and chap on right cream crackered