Monday, November 26, 2007

Sunday Times Smear: Blair NOT Hayman Target

The Daily Mirror report today that the whole Sunday Times piece about Andy Hayman's expenses being probed is completely groundless and a smear. They agree with me however that Sir Ian Blair was the intended ultimate resting point for the smearage and not Mr Hayman as Iain Dale claimed excitedly. Never mind either one of his two fine upstanding Staff Officers. Dale was in effect using his post to smear Blair, again, and he should apologise. But he won't.

Naturally this means that Ian Bone's lurid so-called World Exclusive - nicked off Murdoch, though with added Tourettes - is also lying in tatters. LYING in tatters! True to form Bone has suppressed my comment on the story while leaving one poking fun at his ever so anarchistical moderating of comments. We like the Billy comment (right) and are very chuffed indeed that our witty intervention has forced the Class War freedom fighter to relax his Stalinist grip on our free speech.

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