Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chorlton Tesco: Are Protestors Off their Trolleys?

The balloon is up. Stephen Newton has found Chorlton Tesco protestors' completely off their trolleys. I agree with him. If Tesco deal with the real planning issues, particularly potential traffic nuisance, they should be allowed to build and welcomed as a replacement for the evil Exxon/ESSO and as a double figures employer. Exxon/Tesco incidentally run a "24 hour" garage that isn't, and a non-union shop that is very poor indeed and with poor working conditions for lonely and penniless staff. Their saving grace is that they sell cow's milk, thick white sliced bread and Ginster's pies. Unlike their opponents. But don't worry convenience fans Tesco are also expected to stock these items.


Tameside Eye said...

Isn't Sir Terry Leahy and CEO of Tescos a member of the Labour party and made several donations himself?

Chris Paul said...

Perhaps he's not kept up the payments?