Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Exclusive: George Galloway Wrongly Commended by BCS?

Speaking of Blog awards we've been holding this story over since Saturday in case of a light blogging day. That's today. Continued misrepresentation by Nadine Dorries MP on how well she did or did not do in the British Computer Society's MP Awards is a wretched signal of Tory dishonesty. They're rotten tricksters and shamen root and branch. Nad's blog is obviously of very low technical quality. And then there is the drivel that's written on it. But she tied in the "Highly Commended" category with George Galloway whose site is on the face of it also underwhelming and of mediocre quality. We thought we'd take a closer look.

The hottest of hot news stories is from January 2007. The list of Parliamentary Achievements show EDMs and last one is ... January 2007. Top diary date on the site is Sunday 13th May 2007. And the last Article and last Speech listed are December 2006 and October 2006 respectively. Last Article in the Tower Hamlets Reporter is also October 2006. Finally the list of Video and Audio links loops back to Events (May 2007).

We will be asking the BCS Press Office something. How can a site that - apart from the self-aggrandising Home Page - is on average around 12 months out of date possibly be "Highly Commended" by conscientious judges?

George Galloway is actually making Tory Dorries look good here! Unlike the close relative of a Conservative MP with a very problematic web page featured here. Like parent like daughter.


tim said...

Galloways site is primarily commercial.
Anyone wanting to unravel the list of companies and who they employee,where the operate from, and how they conflict with Galloways role as an MP, will be very busy

Chris Paul said...

So why on earth did BCS highly commend the man's website? Boris Johnson was far and away the most worthy of the three. Dorries and Galloway bring the awards into disrepute in my view.

wankerwatch said...

Chris - you've missed the opportunity to be the first to report on Iain Dale throwing his hat into the ring for Anne Widdecombe's Maidstone seat!

Have you been out delivering Nulabour leaflets?

Oh well, can't win them all!

Chris Paul said...

Missed being first to report? I think I had that one some months ago.