Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dale and Widdy Shock: He's Going After her Coveted Seat

A masturbatory voyeur and persistent sock puppet "Wanker Watch" was on in the early hours commenting that we'd missed the amazing shock-horror knock-me-over-with-a-feather-duster story of Dale's hat in the circus ring for a determined pass at Ms Ann Widdecombe's coveted seat. Maidstone and the Weald.

In fact we had it exclusively ten weeks ago, and nine weeks ago, and seven weeks ago and we officially called a halt to the tease on Sunday.

Obviously if the shy and retiring Iain put himself forward at all - and he is on the "Eh?" list - he was highly likely to apply for this one, possibly for Rochester too, as he lives in Kent and is a bosum buddy of Ms Widdy. Obviously too he would have preferred that autumn election he continuously pimped on his blog. Then he might have been slotted right in as Widdy changed her mind at the church door and decided to retire there and then. Or Iain could have been her trusty agent and inherited the earth soon afterward as a shoo in who knows ever blade of the turf. Now there'll be a tough selection contest.

Presumably Mr Dale will be less likely to post-tosh-without-thinking for the duration of the selection. And if selected for ever and ever. So, a mighty day for blogging and bloggers.

He even says he will not be blogging a running commentary. This assertion probably has about as much weight as when he said he wouldn't be blogging any more opinion polls.

Hey ho. Official Announcement here - featuring a gratuitous and deeply offensive sex slur from Widdy. Graphic adapted rather rustically from Bloggerheads who saw young Iain as a Norfolk straw chewer.


Anonymous said...

Iain Dale is an arrogant nob and I vote Conservative!

jailhouselawyer said...

"Iain as a Norfolk straw chewer" LOL.

Chris Paul said...

oooo, anonymous, back in the knife drawer

Fitzroy the boy said...
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Sean said...
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Chris Paul said...

Have deleted two comments referring to one Ashley Crossley as they are (a) silly and meaningless to readers here and (b) the last time similar comments were left they upset people.

Please keep it simple and keep it civil.