Sunday, November 18, 2007

George Galloway and Respect: All Swimmingly Good

Pendennis closes with George Galloway obeying the long arm of the law, though somehow overlooking the news that barring one page his awarding winning website averages 12 months out of date and also his supporters' contention that the conservatives have it in for him.

George's right bollocks Respect conference was brilliant, says Liam while Lindsey and John's left bollocks SWP Respect conference had 350 at it, 70 turned away.


Anonymous said...

the art of reporting is simple: it is to report.

it is not to recycle secondhand and third-party hearsay cliches.

the strikethrough might impress you but to the reader it reads like your sitting there with your dick in your hand.

Chris Paul said...

Similarly simple is the art of cowardly sockpuppeting.

Anyway, dear friend, your comment reads like you are "reporting" with your dick in your head.

This blog is not ITN.


wankerwatch said...

'nuff said.

Trotsky said...

Seems to me the limited reporting and comment on the SWP/Respect debacle here is considerably better than on other blogs which have not posted at all all weekend or which try to cover up the schism unfolding before our eyes with inaccurate and unsupported talk of unity.

Lindsey and John's meeting was CLEARLY dominated by the SWP and that group of comrades have CLEARLY hollowed out Respect losing half the membership and having no coherent electoral strategy or policy development.

Meanwhile George Galloway and his crew do have the appetite for forming an electoral force and though I'd not put money on their success they at least recognise what has been going on.