Saturday, November 24, 2007

Howard's End: Australian People Sack Conservatives

Meltdown it seems for John Howard's Aussie Tories after 11 years in power.

Howard is even getting a thumping in his own seat - held for 33 years. The above picture from shows Howard with a story about kids not drinking enough fluoridated tap water. Imagine the waterworks now.

We predicted a landside three weeks ago when - on top of general doom and gloom - Health Minister Tony Abbott managed a hatrick of serious gaffes.

The Liberal Party's tactics included fabrication of a Radical Muslim Organisation in a ridiculous and clumsy attempt to smear Kevin Rudd's Labour Party.

Candidate Karen Chijoff - whose own husband was among the distributors "without her knowledge" - claims the leaflet didn't destroy her campaign. She was toast anyway.

Looking forward to the explanations from Iain Dale's Aussie stringer Alex Deane. But once again it has all gone quiet over there.


Quiet_Man said...

His time was up and the people have spoken. Wonder just how long Rudd's popularity will remain when he does the usual Labour tricks of high taxation for minimal return. His insistence on signing Kyoto despite the as yet unproven "human caused " global warming scam pounced upon by politicians the world over to raise taxes is going to cost them a fortune, and jobs.

Still let him enjoy his day in the sun, he may even stay the distance, a bit like Blair..............

Chris Paul said...

In my experience the tax burden under the Liberal Party seemed pretty heavy actually. Income tax at three or four levels. Plenty of sales tax.

You never know the Ruddites might go for the same pc of a growth situation. Australia could do with a lot more people and I'm sure lots of hard working people would love to go there.