Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Karen Reissmann Sacking: Management Play Hard Ball

Industrial relations for dummies has a new chapter provided by Trust CEO Sheila Foley.

Miles reports that MMHT management have refused to reinstate senior nurse Karen Reissmann pending her appeal. Unison had offered to call off their strike action in exchange.

The appeal begins on 10 December and there will be a national day of action on 5 December. My view is that the staff should consider going back to work in the interim, showing maturity, carrying public opinion, and reducing hardship among members. But that is of course for them to decide.

In addition to the campaign blog there is a myspace page and two major facebook groups with 900 members between them.


Anonymous said...

Sack the lot.

Pour encourager les autres

Britain is not going back to 1979, sunshine.

Trade unionists taking the piss again.

Chris Paul said...

With such well formed and articulate views I am rather surprised that you are not putting your name to them dear troll.

Perhaps you will pluck up courage before your next outing? We'll see.

Miles said...

You would think George Osborne would have the courage to put his name to his posts wouldn't you.

a very public sociologist said...

You gotta love anonymous trolls. Rest assured, whoever our nameless friend is, if they haven't got the spine to even use a nom de pleume on a blog, they'll never have to worry about getting sacked for standing up for their co-workers.

Chris Paul said...

Yep VPS ... more likely to be sacked for trampling all over their co-workers ... or perhaps as Ms Foley risks for messing up a bit of simple industrial relations though having a bad attitude and a violent communication setting as norm, or as her predecessor for running the very worst MHT in the country, with headline grabbing physical and emotional abuse problems ...

Miles: Don't think it can be GOO as he tends to sign off on his lies and Toff prejudices with a laugh and a wave

John Leech said...

It's not George. It's Sir Richard.