Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lib Dem Donations: Any Skeletons in Cupboards?

Chris Huhne has been extraordinarily sanctimonious over Labour's problems given that the Michael Brown donation of £2.4 Million was such a pig. Offshore company, principal now a convict, some say gifted from other people's money.

Obviously Huhne himself got into trouble for taking adverts with Euro money in his UK literature ahead of getting elected. A practice that John Leech appears to be repeating, albeit at sub-prime level, by taking paid adverts for his surgeries in local council campaign leaflets.

You'd think they'd stick the details in free wouldn't you? Has he no mates at all?

But scanning the returns at the Electoral Commission these last 30 months I am most perturbed at the apparently low level of donations to the NW Lib Dems.

How on earth are they making ends meet?

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Anonymous said...

Hasn't that old dear whose football cup was recovered coughed up to Leech's campaign yet?