Thursday, November 29, 2007

Harriet Harman: Dale Climaxes Prematurely

Davis Grossman has filed a first XI of questions to the Labour Party about Harriet Harman. Iain Dale has hair trigger trouble and reports as if this obvious fishing expedition (and quite a thin one at that, only a few of the questions count) brings home the bacon.

If it does Iain ye shall have a fishie on a little dishie but until then you should calm down in a darkened room, dreaming of Maidstone. Or the way the polls are any old constituency should do if we believe the Tory Boy Bloggers.

Meanwhile Nads is sorry for Gordon and Tom finds a Tory agreeing that Cam's getting above himself.


tim said...

Harriets removal benefits both parties.
Tories in the short term.
Labour in the long term.

The shallowest politician at this level since John Moore.

Blair and Brown were in the right jobs Chris.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a more useless blog proposition than Labour of Bollocks.

This poor useless turnip Chris Paul is trying to staple his anus as his lower bowel cooks up, courtesy of Broon & co, a lethal tumour.

The Project is over, mate. It's back to damp halls and lots of balls on wet Wednesdays with no one giving a flying duck about anything you say.

Comradely yours

Chris Paul said...

My my my anonymous 1:29. The only thing worse than a "useless blog proposition" must be a gutless anonymous disgusting running commentator at such a site.