Sunday, November 04, 2007

Libdemologists: Hughes Breaks Honest Broker Promise

Lib Dem Simon Hughes apparently promised that he wouldn't be declaring in the gripping race to mislead the third party. But now it seems he's backing Cleggy. As is Lembit Opik whose backing has previously functioned as kiss of debt death. So this may be be good news for Huhne. Man Wit MP John Leech is still not with the programme. Lib Dem Voice have the story with links to their previous, here.

Dizzy meanwhile may have caught Chris Huhne out (a) with a serious conflict of interest; or (b) unselfishly ignoring his own financial well being. That's here.


Anonymous said...

Where's Leechy boy in all this. Christ almighty theres only about 60 odd of them. He should at least get a go at some public profile with that low a MP to TV ratio.

Jesus he's a complete dud isn't he?

Chris Paul said...

Now I really don't know who you are anonymous, but it must be said you've not let us down this time.

Though of course it is also possible that he has offered his support to each of them in turn and they've understandably said:

"On your bike Jonah, Jeremiah, whatever your name is, we don't want your miserable backing."

Sing Johnny no mates
Sing out with "gusto" and
Don't be afraid of the crowd!

Though Ella changed it as was her right.