Sunday, November 04, 2007

Question Time Extra: Dress Rehearsal / Audition for QT?

An interesting discussion this week. Beginning with Miaow! As Dr Rupa Huq reminds a somethingly patronising presenter that she is a serious author too. Not just Blue Peter Konnie's big sis. And with a far more serious but BP-related point later as Rupa points out that the Controller of BBC1 was forced to resign over CookieSocks-gate ... whereas Sir Iain Blair is holding his ground.

The BBC resignation though was pretty silly. So that was not quite the killer shot it might have been had that departure made sense.

Recommended, available until Wednesday only. Dr Huq passed the audition for the real thing. BBC Slayer Richard D North would be a waste of a chair.


Anonymous said...

She also did more4news and chaired a session at progress conference this week. Busy girl.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Thanks for plug. Linked to your Facebook Tories story. According to Aerial - the Pravda like rag from out of the BBC - the most common designation for BBC staffers is in fact "Apathetic".

Chris Paul said...

Hi Rupa, yes saw the link thanks, and how super soaraway secret that Aerial is. Must be stuffed full of commie secrets. After Socks gate is there any more news on Shoes gate? Best w Chris P