Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shameless: Cameron Caught Pick Pocketing Manchester

Dave Cameron was back in Manchester today and apparently invented the idea of Cooperative Enterprises in Education.

Something that Labour Co-op MP Ed Balls has specifically introduced (see rebuttal link).

Part of Cameron's "liberal conservatism" - as opposed to his old school dog whistley memory man act - as he tries to mis-appropriate and twist what he calls "Manchester Liberalism" to cover both the Rochdale Pioneers and his church of latter day conservatives.

Typically he has come up here and run down our city and our people - RAVAGED by the Tories, RESISTING and RECOVERING with Labour - as if his party has the solutions. Rather than causing huge problems for working people in Manchester and everywhere.

Over the last couple of months Mr Cameron also apparently invented the idea of periodical reviews of the threshholds for Inheritance Tax and also it seems the idea of a climate change bill - actually something that the Co-op / Labour MP Mark Lazarowicz has championed in his Private Members Bill (05), following earlier success on Employee Share Ownership (02).

Co-op Party Principles - Cameron's Hijack Attempt - Co-Op Party Rebuttal

DECLARATION OF INTEREST: I am a Co-op Party member as well as being a former Worker Co-operator, a customer of a Consumer Co-operative, and a regular customer at Retail Co-ops great and small. Cameron can get his grubby hands off.

VERTIGINOUS SOLAR PANELS: CIS Tower, Manchester Mirage 7 Studios.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Cameron a complete ****? Arse. Inventing Co-operatives. Has he no shame?