Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sitting on the Fence?: Childish, Lazy & Unfriendly

Walking by Karen Reissmann's picket at the Chorlton HQ of the Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust (MMHT) this morning I saw my old friend Dr Colin Barker, flashed him a smile and asked after his health. "How are you?" I inquired. "Not sitting on the fence!" he responded. "Ever so clever", I thought. But "Oh dear" I said quietly as I continued on my way.

Seems that 100% support for Karen Reissmann's reinstatement is not enough for some people? 100% condemnation of the management's industrial relations clumsiness, their ridiculous semantics, their self-defeating tactics, and their leaders' "Duty Free" holiday in Dubai. That's not enough?

UPDATE: Karen Reissmann will not be sitting on the fence on local radio in Manchester this evening.


Anonymous said...

Clearly Chris you are sitting on the fence by not supporting Hezbollah and Al Queda in their current correctly balloted industrial actions. Good for you. Barker is Barking.

Chris Paul said...
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