Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cassilis: Rather Perverse on Iran Intelligence?

This post from Bob Piper drew my attention once more to Cassilis who has a curious, even perverse take on the USA's Intelligence Community's re-assessment on Iran. He suggests that the anti-war left whose analysis of the evidence was so right on Iraq are inconsistent by accepting this U-turn.

But there's not really any contradiction at all. The woeful Iraq intelligence was opposed all along because it was obviously woeful.

Labour Against The War, specifically Alan Simpson MP and Dr Glen Rangwala, produced an utterly vindicated counter-dossier (rtf download) but even for those that did not read or believe that there were huge holes in the government case.

Any anthrax for example had been destroyed said Saddam's son in law Hussein Kamel (far left in back row, later murdered by SH) and if it had not been destroyed it would have "gone off" anyway. This link is from February 2003, before the war began, and the interview with Kamel itself was in August 1995.

The anti-war left have doubted the US intelligence on Iran throughout and it would be rather perverse if they were to change sides when the relevant agencies finally stop "service reporting" and come clean.

As Rageh Omaar and Paul Sapin sugested in their film: "The quickest way to reverse the progress is for the West to attack."


Anonymous said...

Come on sockpuppet here's another useless cause for you to support.

Get hold of the Wednesday and Thursday editions of the London Evening Standard in which Andrew Gilligan has done a number on Mr Ken Livingstone and his race adviser Mr Lee Jasper.

Your old friend Ms Miranda Grell will have played a part in this shit-heap.

But that's never stopped you having an opinion, has it?

Mr Jasper comes across as a well-dodgy gangster rapa who has successfully used race politics to his own advantage.

What he needs is the labour of bollocks on his side - to ensure that his credibility to truely shot to pieces.

Bob Piper said...

Someone who describes himself as 'anonymous' calls Chris a 'sock puppet'....

Do you do irony, anonymous?

Liam Murray said...

I'm a bit puzzled Chris. You close with:

"The anti-war left have doubted the US intelligence on Iran throughout and it would be rather perverse if they were to change sides"

That's my point precisely - when US intelligence was talking up Iranian nuclear ambitions it was dismissed as 'politicised' and ' biased'. Now that it's dismissing their intent it's suddenly trustworthy - i.e. the left have switched sides.

'Perverse' as you say.

Chris Paul said...

Of come on Liam!

They've stayed on the same side. They had some beliefs about (a) the true state of Iran's weapons grade programme - Milan Rai is a useful tutor on this subject btw, knowing the difference betwen fuel and weapons grade Plutonium is intelligence credibility 101 after all and (b) about USI "service intelligence" i.e. writing to Bush's order.

When USA intelligence stop writing to order they clearly become more trustworthy.

Just as the Simpson/Rangwala dossier - not written to order but with access most of the same information as it goes - was trustworthy re Iraq.

Chris Paul said...

Anonymous: you write drivel and you are obsessive. As Iain Dale might say ... pathetic. Where is your own blog anyway? I'd like to visit and demonstrate how to be a respectful visitor.

I don't want to go to moderation but this is quite enough harrassment - please cease and desist.

I shall read what Mr Gilligan has written with interest and being as it only has to pass The Standard's low ones also a pinch of salt.

Anonymous said...

Lee Jasper just made on the BBC's local London programme.

He's a spiv thinly masquarading as a black activist/idealogue.

That this is so easy to deconstruct makes me think, yet again, that race correctness has blinded you to rational thought.

He was Miranda Grell without tits, a fanny and no hair.