Monday, December 10, 2007

Karen Reissmann: Appeal Result Expected Today

Today's the day when we should hear the result of senior mental health nurse Karen Reissmann's appeal against dismissal on charges of "gross industrial misconduct".

Reissmann is Chair of her Unison branch and member of the NEC of Unison Health. She was suspended for speaking out against privatisation and marketisation. In particular on changes in deployment of community mental health nurses and social workers. And on the increased cost and consequent shortage of acute beds.

Martin Rathfelder, Director of the Socialist Health Association, has pointed out in strong terms that Reissmann's statements have been no more critical than those within Primary Care Trust/Manchester City Council documents.

Victimisation for Trade Union activity is unlawful. If the appeal is unsuccessful there will be an Industrial or Employment Tribunal. The estimated cost of this would be £100,000. There is no limit to damages that could be awarded.

If it comes to this it will be the first point in the procedure when Trust Chief Sheila Foley (left) has not been in effect complainant, prosecution, judge and now jury picker.

Reissmann has received vocal support from Labour's Tony Lloyd MP, from Rathfelder, and from West Didsbury council candidate Jenny Lennox. There are also reports of strong "below the line" support in writing from Manchester Withington PPC Lucy Powell and support even from Health Minister Ivan Lewis.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If management could find a way of handling this more ineptly then they should get a gong as that would take real effort

Anonymous said...

Nice handbag!

Chris Paul said...

Sorry number one. No personal abuse.

Anonymous said...

what rubbish,Labours support has been woeful, remember Eugene Curley!.You fail to mention the Liberals support for Ms Reisman.
"below the line " support, what a f***ing liberty !

Chris Paul said...

I tend to agree with you anonymous on your first point. But why on earth will you not put your name to your comment?

Anyway, I am reporting Labour support that I'm aware of that readers will not know about from the press. I am not suggesting by any means that it is as great as it should be. Clearly it has not been. Karen is still sacked.