Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Libdemologists: Is Huhne Really "A Bit Less of a Neocon"

UPDATE 9:36 Thursday: Chris Huhne has been in touch. He has asked for the link to the anonymous blogger to be removed which I have actioned, and he claims the investment information below is "nonsense". I am now checking this out. Any and all help from readers would be much appreciated.


There's an anonymous blogger out there who really has it in for (link removed) Chris Huhne.

The most interesting and relevant parts are I feel about Huhne's business activity:

In 1994, Huhne parlayed all the contacts and information he had gleaned covering the financial world as a journalist for The Guardian and Independent - and exploited his experiences by starting a financial consultancy. He was a slick operator. He rapidly amassed his own personal fortune by investing in a slew of companies that most Lib-Dem supporters would be horrified by. Especially those on the left-wing who Huhne is now assiduously wooing. Reports in the Daily Telegraph and The Independent in February 2006 identified an investment portfolio that included a company that made domestic surveillance equipment, oil companies, three mining companies, seven tax avoidance schemes and an arms company. As soon as he embarked on his first leadership bid last year, he rapidly divested himself of the shares in all but one of the "problem" companies. But the paper trail of how he amassed his wealth is still there to be seen by any Lib-Dem voter who cares about hypocrisy.

And then there is the property portfolio:

The combined Huhne-Pryce millions allowed them to amass a total of nine homes - four to live in and five to use just as letting properties. (After selling off two homes, they still have seven residences.)

This earlier story was on dithering Hospital Hoaxer John Leech finally announcing his choice in the Lib Dem leadership. Bro Miles commented along the lines that that choice, Huhne, was "a bit less of a neocon". Is that so?


Action said...

My suggestion that Loon was a bit less of a neocon was based more on things Dregg has said.
Perhaps I was wrong.
They are both a big shift to the right after Ming.
But a party without a class analysis is pointless anyway.

Anonymous said...

"....a party without a class analysis is pointless anyway"

I wish you wouldn't talk about New Labour like that!

Chris Paul said...

Touché anonymous, touché ... but Lib Dems are pointless? Aimless? Clueless? Without Scrups?

Action said...

How exciting!
Was it Loon himself or one of his people?
Was he pleasant or did he threaten you?
Perhaps I'll link to it in the hope of a visit from the big man.