Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Michael Gove: 90% Mendacious Says Channel 4 Factcheck

Sadly, Michael Gove's bold assertions on the UK's decline in OECD education league tables simply do not check out.

Indeed, according to the Factcheck service, the whole lot of them need to go back to school. David Cameron himself was found to be 70% mendacious on rape.

And we reported here how George Osborne was found 90% mendacious on Labour and tax and 60% mendacious on his own plans for Tories and tax.

This morning the acceptable face of Toryism Ken Clarke observed that public sector employment has gone up by 600,000 from "where it was previously". But as Cassilis showed so thoroughly this is still 200,000 short of the numbers when Maggie Thatcher let power slip from her grasping grasp.

And any so called "Bonfire of the Bureacrats" would have to be a "Bonfire of the Services" as the numbers of Bureaucrats are falling fast and scarcely 20,000 above numbers inherited in 1997. Again Cassilis has the numbers.


Action said...

At least Gove said - on a 5 Live debate about strikes - that he was a trades unionist who would never cross a picket line.
I wonder how many Labour front benchers would be so certain.
Jacqui Smith was an NUT stalwart when I knew her.
Don't know about the rest of 'em.

Chris Paul said...

Have you got any examples of any Labour front benchers crossing picket lines Miles? Or is this another groundless smear?

Gove's only redeeming features are that he is not from Eton (though from Edinburgh's nearest equivalent) and that he is cocky but crap which gives us ammunition.

He may be mired in the Policy Xchange invoice-gate scandal exposed by Newsnight.