Monday, December 10, 2007

Sky's Not The Limit: No Pay Offs For Beaten Councillors

Parachute payoffs for election defeat councillors? Also local government pensions, 20-year maximum service, and better allowances for councillors? And lotteries and other imaginative incentives for voters are among 61 proposals for local democracy.

Communities Minister Hazel Blears appears to want to run a very tight ship and has already shot the parachute idea down in flames. But she will give it all some thought over Christmas.

Perhaps we could go back to voluntary, unpaid MPs also?


Barnacle Bill said...

I would not go as far as unpaid MPs, but the minimum wage would be a good starting point.
With accountable expenses and, of course a state pension.
Followed by the obligation to only send your children to a state run school.
Then we might see who is it in to do some good for their country, and not in it for what they can get out of the system.

Chris Paul said...

Average wage and conditions might be more reasonable than minimum wage?? said...

Because it isn't clear from your post, may I enquire where you stand on this proposal?
David Duff

PS: I am signing this comment and leaving my site address above because I dislike 'Blogger's' refusal to link to visitors from other ISPs.

Chris Paul said...

Hi David

There are 61 proposals. The parachute one I don't know. There are several ways for a leader or deputy to be voted out including by own group as well as by electorate in their ward.

Not at all sure about that one. Do they get something if they resign also? Constructive dismissal? Contrived departure? Not sure.

Pension idea = great.
Five terms max = great.
Vote at 16 = great.
Better allowances = mixed feelings.
Lotteries = mixed feelings.

As Hazel suggests herself it would be wrong to preclude councillors with other work from coming forward and taking part. But council service for Execs in particular in bigger authorities can seriously disrupt income and pensions.

More when I see the detail.

Best w

Chris P

Chris Black said...

Why is max 5 terms = 'great'?