Monday, December 10, 2007

Enough is Enough: Fascist BNP Continues to Crumble

Thanks to Tom Watson MP for pointing at the Enough is Enough blog which aims to get BNP leader Nick Griffin to purge Collett, Hannam and Walker from the organisation by a campaign of resignation from party office:

EIE believes it is time to start publicly exposing the trio in the hope that action will finally be taken to rid the BNP of these sleazy, lying, drunken, incompetent scumbags.

Leaving only peace, light and all-round loveliness I suppose? Sadie Graham, featured here and pictured in happier days alongside hate-crim Griffin and a Swedish homphobic-abh-fash-crim, appears to be part of the Anti-Griffin/Anti-Collett Fifth Column.

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tonydj said...

"BNP officials resign in protest at illegal and unacceptable behaviour by party leaders"

"Labour Party officials resign in protest at acceptance of illegal donations and unacceptable warmongering by party leaders"

Which of the above describes this blog and which of the above has no chance of ever describing a blog??