Friday, December 07, 2007

Westmonster: Two Little Boys for One Woman's Work

Westmonster's ebullient launch editor Sadie Smith's work is done and she has handed the baton on to TWO count 'em BOYS.

Boris Johnson appears to be a strong favourite for Mr Lloyd Shepherd here and again here. Is Red Ken paying his salary? Has Lee Jasper got him a GLA grant?

Meanwhile Mr Andrew Levy does gallivanting Elves and ideas lost in translation. Is he perchance working on the serious side of things for the Bozzmeister?

Meanwhile very interesting thought from Comrade Ben who reckons if Bozzer fails it'll augur badly for Dave and George, hurrah!

With news that Ken plans to chuck the no-show Tory group out of their offices if and when he wins Mr GuF will be reeling from a BBC Report that strangely enough coincides with our take on GuF's dog's-breakfast horlicks.


Chris Paul said...
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Anonymous said...

Should have put some BONGS in as homage Chris.

It will be interesting to see whether Boris is from "David Cameron's Conservatives" like good old Tony Lit, or from the plain old "Conservatives".

Anonymous said...
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Chris Paul said...

On topic comments please. There are posts here about Grell including the very last one. Zapped.