Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another Star Blogger Comments: Will Dale Correct Error?

Always nice to have a visit from a star blogger. Iain Dale was over last evening to comment on this critique of his wrong headed labelling of increased Doctors and Police as "bureaucrats" who must he says be CUT:

So one minute I am a CCHQ mouthpiece and the next minute I speak twaddle which they will be upset over. Make up your mind. So you are really saying that the public sector has contracted under Labour. Get real.

No Iain. It was one of your own commenters who suggested CCHQ would be upset at your cuts agenda. I suggest that disingenuity with numbers and category errors might be more of a problem. But as I think George Osborne shows the same qualities I didn't think they could complain.

I absolutely agree with you that the public sector - at the coal face - has grown. More doctors, more nurses, more teachers, more police. But you did not say that. You said bureaucrats. A somethingly less popular category which is now reducing. So, utter tosh Iain!

You claimed - entirely erroneously - that Gordon Brown had increased the number of bureaucrats by "hundreds of thousands". That is an entirely wrong and false statistic. You should correct your blog post. Alas you cannot correct your Telegraph article.

What Gordon Brown has done is increased Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Police and so on. Such increases are very popular and would clearly be under threat should we get a Conservative Government. You get real!


Iain Dale said...

Rubbish. I said bureaucrats and that is exactly what I meant. Look at how they have grown both in central and local government and quangos. It's why the public sector is now accountable for more than 50% of the Scottish economy, and not far off that in the North East. Far from cutting bureaucracy and the size of the State it has grown hugely under Labour. Any fool can see that. APart from you.

Chris Paul said...

The number of bureaucrats has not grown by hundreds of thousands. That's a mistake or a lie.

Your comment on the earlier post suggests you meant all public sector workers. "Are you really saying that the public sector has contracted?" you ask.

That total has grown. I welcome that. More doctors, nurses, police, teachers and so on.

But you said bureaucrats. In your title. And in your pay off. 100s of 000s more bureacrats.

Realising that you have written a plea for cuts in frontline services which are growing - whereas bureacrats and being reduced - you are again prevaricating and rather pompously.

Show us some figures Iain.

And stop making grand but untrue generalisations.

Barnacle Bill said...

Chris Paul shame on you!
Typical NuLabor speak trying to turn bureacrats into doctors, nurses and policemen.
It's the sort of arguments one would expect of the Communist Party in the good old days of the USSR.
Still it's nice to know there are still some Stalinists left in NuLabor.
Even if their leader has defected to become Mr. Bean!

Andreas Paterson said...

I believe you'll find that it's Iain who is indulging in the porkies here, attempting to turn doctors, nurses, coppers and teachers into bureaucrats.

On my local council, it's clear that considerable savings will have to be made even if we opt for a large council tax rise.

There have also been considerable job cuts at the HMRC.

Cassilis said...

...joined the fray...

Ed said...

Why, if there are so many new coppers on the street, do we see so few "on the beat"?

skipper said...

Hard to distinguish between more practitioners(good) and 'bureaucrats' (bad). There can be no doubt at all that the former's number has increased by leaps and bounds but the latter is such a value laden, nebulous concept that I defy any public administration expert, let alone any partisan blogger to put a number to it.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks all. I don't think Iain's contention that "bureacrats" have been increased by 100s of 000s bear inspection with national civil service and loca government administration under downward pressure. I just don't think Iain gives a hoot about the truth. He blogs and opines in the DT on instinct and he is often factually wrong.

Newmania said...

It is interesting , but Iain is right there are lots of respectable figures to tell you about the size of the state and equally the performance of the main servicesThey have not risen much and arguably worsened in the case of education, crime etc. Not great certainly .
One feels far more regulated as well which , I suppose , is anecdotal .

How did Brewster brown spend the momney on nothing then ?