Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bob Piper: Uber Blogger Iain Dale in Poll Fraud Hypocrisy

Many thanks to Councillor Bob Piper who has revealled that Iain Dale in criticizing the Lib Dems for facing both ways on electoral fraud is guilty of the very same thing himself. Not one year ago, not one month ago, not one week ago, but this very day! Omitting to provide a link to the newspaper source or refer to the conviction on two offences of personation of the cousin of Tory councillor, but only just, Altaf Adalat:

Meanwhile, (quoth the Birmingham Post in the same article Dale quotes) a Birmingham man was found guilty of rigging votes in a Coventry Council election last week.
Iftikar Hussain, 31, the cousin of Tory councillor Altaf Adalat, denied using the identities of two other people to place fraudulent votes in the Foleshill Ward election on May 4, 2006. Councillor Adalat won the ward by six votes.
A jury at Birmingham Crown Court took just over an hour to unanimously agree that Hussain was guilty on two counts of personation.
During the trial, the jury heard that he used the identities of Abdul Khaliq and Mukhtar Hussain, who were not in the UK at the time. Hussain is due to be sentenced on February 1.

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