Saturday, January 05, 2008

Greg Proops: Telling It Like It is About Libdemologists?

The rebranded TV channel Dave has become an extremely popular viewing choice in the Love household. Relatively recent Top Gearing and extraordinarily fascinating for 12 and 15 year olds minty Whose Line Is It Anyway? retreads.

Tonight Greg Proops was supposed to do the "Hoedown" game about a conservative politician but came up with:

But I am such a waffler
And a total prat
So at the next election
I'll vote Liberal Democrat

That was a 1996 episode. He is an American. How can he have been quite so au fait? Perhaps this was the last straw for Faraz Bhatti? Who I was surprised to hear being praised, albeit very faintly, this very evening. At an Irish Music Night benefit for the Children of Kolkotta (how cosmopolitan).

Incidentally, I must report with some alarm that the latest household digi box arrival had the same "secret code" as Grant 1234 Shapps.

We changed it immediately it was plugged in. As the idea of someone impersonating us and then impersonating one of Sajjad Karim and Faraz Bhatti's closest former Lib Dem associates to big up the Conservatives during a by-election was and is anathema ...

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