Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cllr John McLeech MP: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Cheers to The Daily Pundit for the above CT scan of Buff and Leech and Vultan in various stages of arousal at Clogg's offering at PMQs. That was - purely serendipitously - about mind numbing drugs. Which is a serious issue of course.

Cloggy could do with some help with hair trigger problems. He's got up in the house with only one third data to hand. Why would he do that?

Not quite as bad as Cllr John Leech MP claiming to have "carried out" a constituency wide health survey. Before rather pathetic survey leaflets were even fully distributed. Never mind the usual half a dozen responses in.

The above dead on his seat look is absolutely typical for Mr Leech. Still sleeping off Roy of the Rovers exertions for the McParliamentary football team.

The Daily Pundit also has a mysterious Valentine for Letwin and Clogg and news that, in Belize elections, "Lord" Cashpoint is sportingly batting for both sides.

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Anonymous said...

There are now pictures of Dozy Leech falling asleep behind FOUR different Lib Dem leaders. Isn't it just a tad ridiculous for anyone to back an MP who cannot even sit up straight and stay awake at 12:30 on a Wednesday afternoon?