Thursday, February 14, 2008

Cllr Simon Ashley: Same Old Tired Old Deja Vu, Again

Today we have a disappointing response to Manchester's budget consultation. Perhaps people are reasonably content? Perhaps the local and regional media - such as the Manchester Evening News - didn't provide enough build up? Perhaps opposition politicians have poisoned everyone with misery and cynicism?

Whichever it is, we get the same old muttering from Lib Dem leader Simon Ashley. Who presumably knew all about the consultation and didn't even attempt to get his own minions to take part. Ashley is quite frankly hopeless.

Just look at Liverpool where the Lib Dem leadership are, believe it or not, twice as good as Ashley and his crew.

See them propping up the national table for financial management. See them getting the wooden spoon as the worst council of the lot. See them having less than one million pounds in reserves. Which must be about one day's worth of the city's budget. Which is not adequate by anyone's standards.

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