Thursday, February 14, 2008

Conway: Go To Jail, Do Not Pass GO or Collect £13,000

The continued rewarding of Derek Conway with £13,000 "extras" for his honourable chairing of meetings is absolutely disgraceful. We must stop this by popular acclaim. And stop him getting the maximum resettlement and pensions amount. Send him and his co-conspirators to jail, not to easy street.


Politaholic said...

It's "the old pal's act" isn't it? Conway is not, after all, the only MP who employs spouses or other relatives to do bugger all. These expenses are, in effect, a surreptitious way of augmenting the MP's salary.Mind you, I'd like to see Conway in jail too. But he's an MP. It's not as if he is a single mother on Social Security who works two days a week in a bar. She would go to jail.

jailhouselawyer said...

Given that Conway has to repay the £13,161 he stole from the public purse, and he will be paid £13,107 as a bonus, this means that, in effect, he has merely been fined £54 for all his dodgy dealings and this is less than a £60 fixed penalty notice for a parking violation!