Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Iain Dale 'Reheats': Same Old Same Old Tory Moaning

Iain Dale reheats the old Tory cry about "re-announcements". Leaving aside the sloppiness of the examples given of this phenomenon it's an attempt at cheap points anyway.

If we assume that Iain Dale is an intelligent man who has been round the political block a few times you'd think he's understand that "re-announcement" is in the nature of these things.

Here for example are ten "announcements" that might form part of the gestation and birth of an idea:

1. Consultations
2. Policy forum
3. Conference
4. Green paper
5. White paper
6. First Reading
etc through HoPs
7. Law passed
8. Pilots run
9. Pilots appraised
10. Roll out/Mainstream

If Tory Bloggers (and indeed historic Tory govts) have a way of doing this without several mentions then perhaps Iain could share it?


Anonymous said...

??? The news article did say it was a 'new' idea introduced by our glorious leader Gordon Brown.

It was a Labour General Election pledge that we are delivering but we are being made to look stupid on the doorsteps when people rumble his spin yet again.

Why he just didn't say Labour have delivered their General Election pledge to have neighbourhood teams throughout Britain by 2008.

Instead Gordon tries to spin it as if its his brand new idea that he is about to launch this April.

Anonymous said...

The policy was on pilot

It worked

Roll out nationwide

Job done

Tory angle....Gimmick

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

of track but for you

Commnets deleted by


Lots of talk about Obama and Clinton

BUT funny how all the Tory bloggers go all shy when it comes to Cameron backing McCain� Yes he did, on radio 5 live a few weeks ago

Its great to see so many Tory bloggers backing Obama�.. The democrats are the sister party of the Labour party. And Obama has already refused to meet with 20 a day Marly Lights Cambo. He is too busy sucking up to McCain

PS for the record didn�t Gideon Osborne help GW Bush get elected in 2000. Google it. You will find it to be true

Anonymous said...

off track but for you

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Founders of YouGov Stefan Shakespeare,. Founder of ComRes Andrew Hawkins, Stefan Shakespeare is a personal friend and business acquaintance of Ian Dale. And it was Stephan who created Tory internet TV station 18DoughtyStreet.

Cameron had a very bad week. His back benchers started to stir, Only last week there were calls for Osboure to be replaced by Redwood. Davids week of gaffes can be calmed by a good poll.

All the pollsters needs to do is change their collating formula to influence the poll in anyway which way they wish. ComRes, if you read the small print, have to admit that the error swing factor in their poll is over 5%. And more importantly, those in the poll who said that they would not vote, were included in the poll based on their likely voting intension !!!!!!. ie its made up.

Cameron bad week – get out a good poll to steady the nerves of his Tory detractors.

Only this week ICM reported positive feed back from Londoners regarding the congestion charge, Ken was having a good week, Boris a bad one. Then out of the blue a YouGov poll gives Boris a 5% lead, a massive swing to Boris in one week.

The polls are false.

Here is some sobering news for you. For the Tories to gain a majority, they need to wipe the lib dems off the map, ie leave the LDs with under 10 seats, opposed to their current 66.

Anonymous said...

off track but for you

Commnets deleted by


Tory TV, 18 Doughty TV was also financed by Stefan Shakespeare, who was also formerly of the pollsters YouGov, and run by a brace of big blogger Tories, Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home and Iain Dale.

The line between fact and fiction are being blurred by big united Tory bloggers and pollsters.

Some of us aren’t as stupid to fall for it.

Ted Foan said...

Just face up to it, Chris. This Labour lot are just the same as the Blair/Campbell lot. Spinning is spinning however you spin it!

Anonymous said...

Diablo said...
Just face up to it, Chris. This Labour lot are just the same as the Blair/Campbell lot. Spinning is spinning however you spin it!

26 February, 2008 23:09

NO Diable..because Marly Lights Cambo doesnt spin remember

Chris Paul said...

Hi Diablo. Could someone answer the substantive point I'm making? Clearly any initiative gets a few different public announcements and progress reports. It is surely facile to suggest otherwise. A Tory reannouncement of a fallacious attack.

And as for referring to a "news article" rather than an actual speech or actual text of an announcement? You'd have to be potty (no offence anon) to rely on the press to be fair to any government now wouldn't you? Chris P

Anonymous said...

I'd usually agree with you on this. And I think we should remind people of government's achievements as often as possible... but the supercasino 'pay-off' thing makes it hard to keep to that line.

Chris Paul said...

It does. But things are OK if you're winning more than you're losing? Which was a standard response of one of my friends' fathers when asked how things were going. And quite apt.