Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No Smoke Without Fire: The Fat Owl of the Remove

Light-fingered Boris Johnson MP nicked some nick-knacks from the battlefield in 2003. From a condemned man's lodgings as confessed in the Torygraph. Question is, as he is fessing up to this outrageous looting will he now provide a full list of all items stolen? Instead of protesting inanely that the Art and Antiques Unit of the Met should be working on jay walking and double parking?

Hat tip: Cllr Bob Piper.


jailhouselawyer said...

I think looters should be shot on the spot.

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. What else has Boris nicked? Does he have any souvenir weapons of mass destruction in his collection?

Anonymous said...

Transparency Transparency Transparency errrrrrr.

Only last week the full disclosure was made of monies paid to political parties in the previous financial quarter.

Funny but the Tories list still contained huge sums of cash from the CCS ( Coleshill Campaigning Service ), now known as The Constituency Campaigning Services Board, donated in excess of 40K to the Tories each Qtr last year. And since 2004 have coughed up over £1m

This shadowy organisation donate cash to the Tories via proxy. Each Quarterly donation of 40K is from smaller individual donations. These are lumped in as one. And we do not know who those individuals are

Check it out yourself

Select all then search for Coleshill to see donations

Chris Paul said...

This is jolly swiftboating weather.