Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Iain Dale's Diary: PMQs on Sky News at 8.30pm

Iain Dale seems to think that swivel-eyed mania and nastiness won PMQs for the boy David. Not so.

Didn't catch it live today. But I think that Gordon's "student union politics" is on the money. So who dear reader did you think 'WON" this today?

The crankier and more manic Cameron and GOO are on this matter the less people will vote for the Tories. Which is good. So crank it up to 11. Not even "third form" as we used to say in old money. (Year nine). 11 is the approximate age group informing the wit and repartee from the Blues. Put another one-bug on the fire Dear Flashman!

Everyone that could reasonably have been helped in this Northern Rock business has come out if not exactly smiling then at least relieved.

This Freedom of Information gambit from Little Boy Blue seems poor actually. Though "private and confidential" plus "commercial in confidence" is customarily excluded anyway it seems reasonable to cut off the mischief before it begins.

The Tory latter day conversion to the nuclear option on this ailing, very minor, third tier mortgage bank would very clearly have been far far worse. Much as it was attractive momentarily as an alternative to bailing out foolish capitalists it would have hurt working people more. Making the "Dead Man Walking" jibe from the Baronet Sir GOO of Tatton extraordinary.

Answering a question with a question is of course absolutely within the rules of engagement for this particular sport. Why is Iain Dale questioning that? Can he not remember Maggie at the dispatch box? It's meaningless banter and yah boo for the most part. Requiring to have to do it well to be considered by Dale and Co to be a sound PM is like having to undertake a tap dancing audition when you're applying for a professional services job. Pathetic nonsense! Mr Dale should know better than to take this process too seriously.

You might have a laugh as the best-qualified candidate fails to pliƩ to order; but they still get the real job. The preening young principal boy can go swivel. As we say from time to time up here in Manchester.

Tories are looking nasty. Wild-, nay swivel-eyed. The louder they wail the more their toff in-breeding comes to the surface.

Is that an inexcusable personal comment? No. That's just an appropriate way to critique PMQs the way David "end to yah boo politics" Cameron is playing it. This was my take on the real issues of the Rock, yesterday.

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