Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total Propaganda: Iain Dale Skies One on PMQs

Mr Dale's spar on Sky News this evening: "the ever fragrant Julia Hartley-Brewer" as he calls her; scored PMQs Gordon ****; Davey ***; Nicky ***. In the right ballpark I'd say. Following that Dale scored the tap dancing contest Gordon **; Davey ****; Nicky ***. Ridiculous bias or runaway Tory Boy Blogger enthusiasm? Bit of both I'd say.

Even Adam Boulton clearly thought Iain was addled on this one. Pointing out that Gordon's "student union politics" (above, a younger Cam left, with other Oxenford yah boos) was the concept that would stick, that Iain was a silly hypocrite to criticise that soundbite, that Davey had fumbled the ball by letting Clogg go first on Northern Rock, that Gordon looked statesmanlike compared to manic trotty Cam, that the Labour back benches were on good form. Even perhaps that Iain's favourite Freedom of Information Act question was in fact big pants.

Amazing isn't it? Gordon is getting better at this rather irrelevant tap dancing audition, while memory man and song and dance specialist Cam has lost his sparkle. Yet Dale claims Cam is twice as good as Brown? What codswallop!

Hilarious that Boulton was feigning concern that his audience was 80% behind Cam (Gordon 10%, Clogg 3%, None of the Above 7%). CLUE ADAM: Sky News is a highly biased parody "Agenda News". Going where even "Drop the Dead Donkey" feared to tread.

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