Friday, February 22, 2008

Question Time: PPC Greg Stone Was the Twit at the End

Lib Dems always claim their glasses are half empty. Should their Sedgefield Candidate Focus on glasses or lenses to accept defeat on Thursday night?
He should wear Glasses
He should wear Lenses
He is away with the Fairies
Who cares? free polls

Greg Stone, the failed Lib Dem PPC in Sedgefield pointed out on Lib Dem Voice that he was in tonight's audience. More than this, he got more-or-less the last word and made some rather empty schoolboy point. What a waste of such an opportunity. He chose the "with glasses option" this time out.


Tameside Eye said...

"He is away with the Fairies"

What on Earth are you insinuating!

Chris Paul said...

It's a famous old expression. With "Away With the Pixies" favoured on Merseyside and elsewhere. So the implication is that yon Greg is rather a lot of votes short of an election, sandwiches short of a picnis etc.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I'm really sorry to break this to you but I've never worn contacts in my life.